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Sorry!, the classic board game from Parker Bros., comes to the home computer in this 3D CD-ROM from Hasbro Interactive. One to four players (computer controlled or human) can participate in classic Sorry! gameplay (play the cards you are… Family Game Night 4: The Game Show is a multiplayer Party game both rooted in the Family Game Night game series, and based on The [.. I’m certainly having problems putting my Pocket PC down now!" - www.ultimatepocket.com "Everybody should have at least one Risk clone tucked away on their hard drive. Webové stránky pěveckého sboru Besharmonie Read Sorry! reviews, download trial or demo, see screenshots, FAQs, forum.

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15 Dec 2013 The Game of Life (Mass Media) (Windows) [1998] [PC Longplay] - Duration: 46:30. La Mazmorra Abandon Angry Birds Play Sorry! Game 1 

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Sorry! is a 1998 video game based on the board game of the same name. It offers classic Sorry and also a mode called Way Sorry, where new cards are introduced, including Bully, Buddy, Punish, and Happy.